John Dewey once wrote, "The problem of education in a democratic society is to do away with… dualism and to construct a course of studies which makes thought a guide of free practice for all." Like Dewey, we believe that education can be a powerful pathway to better lives for students, their families, and our world. But we also recognize that our world is increasingly complicated as students, technology, and society change at a record pace. Our goal is to work with institutions, faculty, staff, policymakers, and others to help them understand and navigate this changing landscape-- all with the goal of improving student access and success. Below are some of the services we offer-- all with an eye towards building connections between stakeholders that improve the lives of students and their families.


Program Design and Development

Assistance in planning, developing, and implementing the development of academic and student support programs with an emphasis on competency-based education, returning students, and student success.



Research and analysis for institutions, educational nonprofits, and educational technology businesses on a variety of topics including federal and state policy, regulatory requirements, market analysis, competency-based education, adult degree completion, trends and demographic shifts, open educational resources, and pedagogical best practices.


Strategic Planning

Helping institutions and educational nonprofits understand higher education challenges and plan for the future.


Change Management

Helping educational stakeholders sustain organizational changes without succumbing to innovation fatigue.


Faculty and Staff Development

Providing faculty, staff, and other stakeholders with a wide variety of development including pedagogy, higher education policy, workforce development, technology implementation, and student success practices.


Facilitated Dialogue

Helping diverse stakeholders have difficult conversations that result in understanding and cooperation.


Policy Audit

Thorough analysis of institutional and organizational policies and procedures with recommendations for improvements.